Ground Study and Construction System
• Approved laboratory control in every level of the construction,
• Prepared suitably for the current Earthquake Regulations .

Ground Study Report,
• Static, concrete projects prepared based on this report and in the consultancy of academic members,
• Earthquake resistant construction with spread footing and industrial molding system. Environmental Planning and Social Reinforcements,
• Site location reserved for children playgrounds and other social reinforcements,
• Planned landscaping and automatic irrigation system,
• Walking tracks,
• Outdoor playgrounds,
• Site lagoon integrated with the landscape and Göl Cafe.

Closed Parking Lot,
• Parking area for each flat in the closed parking lot with floor access,
• Access to the flats from parking lot with elevators.

Dwelling Types
• The project consists of 10 dwelling blocks.
• The floor and walls are coated with first class ceramic.

Wellnes Center
• Indoor Swimming Pool, Sauna, Turkish Bath,
• Fitness Center,
• Göl Cafe,
• Play and Entertainment Saloon.


Heating, Cooling and Insulation
• Quality of "building with good insulation",
• Steel radiators and decorative towel warmer,
• Sound and heat insulation between floors,
• Jacketing heat insulation in all structures,
• Central heating system complying with the Regulation for energy Performance of Buildings.
• Prepayable share meter system enabling you to pay for the energy you use.

Electrical Energy System
• Fully powered Automatic Generator System in all flats and common areas,
• Environmental lighting in the whole site, in the social facility (Göl Cafe) and fully powered Automatic Generator System in closed parking lots,
• 2 elevators complying with TSE and CE standards in each floor hall,
• TV and telephone in each room, data plug in the lounge and living room.

Electrical Installation
• Air conditioner in the lounge of each flat,
• Central digital satellite broadcasting system,
• Cable TV system infrastructure,
• Voiced fire detection and warning system notifying the address,
• TV and telephone in each room, data plug in the lounge and living room.

Security Systems
• Coloured imaged intercom system,
• Certificated security team trained in the control of the site management,
• Entrance system with security control in the site entrance,
• Security camera system controlled from the Site Security Center,
• Communication system enabling connection from flats with the Security Center,
• Control of the alarm system from the Security Center,
• Environmental lighting system,
• Sprinkler in closed parking lots,
• Fire and burglar alarm system in each flat,
• Ventilation and smoke removal system in closed parking lots,
• Fire protection installations.

B) FLATS (General)

• Laundry room in each flat,
• Steel door in the flat entrance,
• Decorative interior doors,
• Decorative coat check in the doorway,
• First class ceramic floors in the doorway and cooridor,
• Decorative laminated flooring in the lounge and rooms,
• Double glazed windows, PVC joinery,
• French window in lounges.

• Dish washer,
• Built-in cooker, oven and aspirator with stainless steel exhaust hood,
• Spacious, luxurious cupboards,
• Luxurious sink, Artema or ECA or equivalent battery,
• First class ceramic flooring.

• General modern bathroom furniture, countertop lavabo ,
• Vitra or Çanakkale brand or equivalent luxurious sanitary ware,
Artema or ECA or equivalent armature and first class bathroom accessories,
• Parents' bathroom. (excluding 2+1 flats)